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Over 30 years experience with the design, installation, and maintenance of lubrication systems to the Forestry, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Transport, Construction, Marine, Mining and Manufacturing Industries.

Designing, Auditing, Installation, And Supply

Our team have a high level of capability in designing, auditing, installation, and supply of systems suitable for all sizes of fixed and mobile equipment. With over 9x field service units across Tasmania and 3x Major Service Centre/Workshop facilities we offer our customers the flexibility and convenience of being able to install systems onsite or in the field or at our very own workshops.

Automatic lubrication systems reduce machine downtime, extend bearing life and minimize lubricant waste. Additionally, safety improvements can be achieved by removing the need for operators to access machinery to perform manual lubrication tasks.

Solutions for Mobile Equipment: Under Ground and Surface Mining Equipment, Forestry Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Aquaculture/Marine Equipment, Excavators, Loaders, Haul Trucks, Graders, Drill Rigs, Cranes, Forklifts, Highway and Off-Road Trucks and Trailers.

Solutions for Fixed Plant: Port/Container Handling Equipment, Ball Mills, Crushers, Ship Loaders, Process Plants, Conveyors, Aquaculture/Fish Farming Equipment, Sawmills and Manufacturing Plant.

Our Capabilities

Design, install, supply, repair, maintain.

Onsite audits, inspections, and reporting.

Recognised supplier to major OEM’s and contractors.

Grease pump options including pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric (AC or DC) System options including progressive, single line injector and dual line systems.

State-wide installation, parts, service, and technical support.

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